Miami, Florida –January 29th, 2021- Cuban Democratic Directorate- The Cuban Democratic Directorate stands in solidarity with M27 and Movimiento San Isidro. These groups of brave young Cuban artists are standing up to the criminal Castro-Canel regime and have been subjected to beatings, sexually harrased and arbitrary detentions.

We call upon four specific groups to do their part in joining those seeking true change in Cuba which means an end to all human rights violations, freedom for all political prisoners and free-pluralistic elections.

President Biden’s Administration:
The United States must not stand idly by as crimes against humanity are being committed 90 miles away much less engage with the Castro-Canel regime other than to fiercely condemn and punish their actions.

Artists WorldWide:
The Castro-Canel Regime not only makes it illegal for Cubans to “be” artists without their authorization, but it has also criminalized the arts itself as a form of retribution and control. We call upon artists worldwide to unite in solidarity with fellow Cuban artists and not with their oppressors.

Regime Apologists:
Will history remember you as an advocate for human rights, democracy, decency who stood with the Cuban people and against tyranny? Or will you be one of those remembered as an opportunist willing to engage, “oxygenate” the criminal regime and turning a blind eye to their atrocities?

The News Outlets:
Cubans on the island are risking it all with social media posts which include coverage of reprehensible living conditions, peaceful protests, and the Regime’s ruthless response. It is incumbent upon major news outlets to disseminate these critical news stories which present a first-hand account of the reality that is the Castro-Canel Regime.

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